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Mastering Essential Oils – The Integrative Essential Oil Certification Program

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Mastering Essential Oils – The Integrative Essential Oil Certification Program


- Mastering Essential Oils (spiral bound certification program textbook) 350+ pages
- Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy book
- Learning Management System: Online tests, case-studies and more
- Companion App (Android and iOs)
- 18 modules
- Level I, Level II and Waterfall Massage Certification
- Developed by Dr Scott Johnson
(Retail Value over $999)

$1 Activation Fee required at registration for Learning Management System After purchasing the pack you will receive an email with instructions to sign up for the Learning Management system, and your activation code. $99 Annual fee

The Integrative Essential Oils certification program is an education system organized in two levels from the Introduction to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils and the Advanced Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. It is intended to empower the user with the knowledge and skills to use essential oils to defend, heal, and create a condition where human health can thrive. Developed by one of the leading authorities in the evidence- based application and therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. Scott A. Johnson, this course focuses on the safety, chemistry, pharmacology, and blending of essential oils as it applies to human mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The system of evidence-based training modules is structured to help individuals discover the knowledge necessary to use essential oils comfortably, safely, and effectively. The primary purpose is to endow individuals with all that is required to care for their family naturally. The secondary purpose is to professionally qualify individuals to teach others the safe and effective use of essential oils.

Mastering Essential Oils: The Integrative Essential Oil Certification Program (spiral-bound curriculum book) Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to the Therapeutic and Clinical Application of Essential Oils (paperback book) Learning Management System: Online tests, hands-on assignments, case-studies, and independent research paper; video and live training (future additions) Sharing App: IEOcertified app on iOS and Android markets, allowing you to share infographics, charts and other content from the system with like- minded individuals. Upon completion of the certification program, and after passing a rigorous testing and certification process, individuals may seek to be Integrative Essential Oils Certified (IEO Certified), signifying expertise and knowledge in the use and application of essential oils. With its scientific approach and diversity in teaching all administration methods (topical, inhalation, oral, and retention), this course is unique and unequaled in supportive evidence for essential oils.

A number of models currently exist, which offer various schools of thought regarding the therapeutic application of essential oils. The Integrative Essential Oils Certification course will use the model pioneered by Dr. Johnson that merges the ancient healing arts with modern scientific evidence, called evidence-based essential oil therapy. This model provides a balanced approach to the use of essential oils and encourages the inhalation, topical application, oral administration, and retention of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Safety and therapeutic usage guidelines are established according to scientific evidence.

For best results the user of this course should follow the modules from Module 1 to Module 18. This course is intended to be used in combination with the book Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy and modules that require its use are noted. Users study the assigned materials until they have mastered the content and then complete an online test in the Learning Management System to ensure retention and mastering of the content.

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